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Mission Statement:

Our mission at Stronger Foundations Tutoring Co. is to provide high-quality online tutoring services that prioritize joyful learning and help students build a strong academic foundation. We believe that education should be a positive and rewarding experience, and we strive to create an engaging and supportive learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our approach is centered around helping students develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their academic careers and beyond. Through personalized and innovative teaching methods, we aim to equip all of our students with the tools and confidence they need to achieve their academic goals and realize their full potential. We are committed to excellence in education and dedicated to helping every student succeed.

Stronger foundations


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Why Choose Us

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No wasting time and money commuting to and from a tutor's house. Our tutors are just a click away.

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All of our teachers are experienced online teachers. They all have passed background checks and have years of experience teaching.

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Take classes wherever you have internet. We also have tech support just a click away. Simply log-into your account and click to join the class.

All of Our Teachers

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Have a passion for online education and many years experience teaching online.

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Teach with the goal to prioritize joyful learning and to help students build a strong academic foundation.

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Strive to connect with and understand the specific needs of each of our individual students.

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Miss Katie-- Lead Teacher/Founder

Hello! My name is Katie Lunsford. I am a licensed virtual teacher. I have been teaching online since June 2019 and have specialized my education focus to be online. I graduated with my Masters in Education in 2022 in curriculum and instruction with a focus on eLearning from SNHU. I believe that amazing things can happen in the online classroom. I received my BA in Elementary Education from Purdue University in 2009.

I have enjoyed working with children for the majority of my life. I have previous experiences as a basketball coach, a camp counselor, a nanny, one-on-one tutoring, and over 8 years of traditional classroom experience.

In the online classroom, I believe my experience teaching online shines through. I love seeing that “light-bulb” moment occur with my students when they start to understand a new concept. I also enjoy the connections that can be made across the world in the online classroom. I love using new technologies and being able to "gamify" learning whenever possible.

I look forward to teaching my students, challenging them, and helping them to ignite a passion for learning. I enjoy connecting with and teaching my students. I am so excited to meet my motivated students. I believe that human beings ALL have the innate ability to learn. I am excited to provide classes that motivate and ignite a passion for learning within my students.

What parents are saying...

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"Katie Lunsford's 1-on-1 Lower Elementary Tutoring for Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Reading Skills is an exceptional program that sets the foundation for early literacy success. She has been amazing with my 1st grader with a personalized approach. She focuses on cultivating a love for reading and engages my little one every session. He always looks forward to this class!" 5 out of 5 Stars

"What an amazing teacher Ms. Katie Lunsford is; we are grateful that our child is able to have her as a teacher! Our child [Name] has been participating in 1-on-1 tutoring for reading. Ms. Katie is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable teacher who is very intentional about developing a rapport with our child. [Name] was slightly below first grade reading level and we feel the 1-on-1 supported him in ending his first grade year at reading level. He looks forward to each class and is engaged in the learning from beginning to end. Even though our child is at reading level, we continue to have him attend one class a week with Ms. Katie as it is a great reading enrichment and skills development time." 5 out of 5 Stars

"My daughter (6) is excited to meet with Ms. Katie online every week. She says the class is fun, exciting, and loves that it is 1-on-1. My daughter was in a rush to read but couldn't quite figure It out and struggled with words. She would get frustrated and give up. Ms. Katie has been helping her build confidence in sounding out words and attempting to read. My daughter now enjoys picking up a book to try to read to us and builds lists of words to learn. I've noticed that she is catching onto words quicker than before and her language arts grades are improving. I thought 30 minutes a week would be too little but honestly for my daughters attention span It is perfect.

Ms. Katie does an assessment for the first class to establish where to begin with your child and what the parents are hoping to get from the class for their child. We love that It is individualized toward our daughter since there is no one size fits all for learning! Thank you Ms. Katie!" 5 out of 5 Stars


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